BLACPMA Philosophy

A way to go, A time to work

A place to share, a goal to achieve

And at the end of this year will pick the first fruits

each day we worry about planting

Work and success of the goals United

we set out to achieve.

BLACPMA is the medical magazine Latin American on

Natural products having a profession International totally Independent and Open Access .

BLACPMA possible by the involvement of a enthusiastic and non selfish group associated with academics and professionals dedicated to all the no cost communication of study in natural products.

BLACPMA born several years ago just as one concept in Santiago in Chile, during a discussion by Jose

Martinez and Jorge Chanfreau as a way to

maintain events that take place in the world which presently maintains

a lasting supplements during the year during the periods that circulates

BLACPMA scientific articles.

The launch was carried out in, Argentina throughout the First Latin American Congress

associated with photochemistry. BLACPMA that period presently had a board formed by 4 co-editors

Francisco Moron, Arnaldo Bandoni, Lionel Robineau and Patrick Moyna,

Lionel Robineau retired some time later allowing Maria Medina, who was elected by every one who had been part of the last change originating from a list

proposed by Lionel.

With the subsequent number BLACXPMA began to incorporate medical article content. which

have been growing category and in many cases articles of renowned writers.

Shocking was for those who edit the newsletter of the first article came from The European union and

more surprising was as soon as they showed up from Africa, which today no longer surprises.

The dedication time resulted in lots more people to depart integrated into the

continuing growth of BLACPMA:

The newsletter was first incorporated COPERNICUS and LATINDEX not too long ago, with thanks to the radical change which provided Jose Prieto* (University of London. England), who was transformed from its incorporation inside of a fundamental part in the edition of the Newsletter, now as a scientific journal alone.

Several years ago we tried corporate massage with the motivation involving Lionel Robineau began to weave the idea of Symposia and also this year happens in Varadero at No. 1 that we anticipate to continue in the years to come. We now have recently taken an essential step,with regard to articles released in BLACPMA been cited by authors in journals of highest division (Publication of anthrapology) BLACPMA aspire to continue to grow little by little knowing that eventually it becomes an significant guide worldwide of medicinal plants. Jose Prieto* fromĀ  (University of London. England),