About Us

The Latin American and Caribbean Newsletter of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, serves as a  medical journal given to multi-dimensional specialists along with professionals belonging to the subject of medicinal and aromatic plants.

It allows documents related to the actual Bulletin’s regions of attention, that happen to be agronomy, anthropology and ethnobotany, commercial applications, botany, superior and normalization, ecology and biodiversity, economy and markets, pharmacology, phytochemistry, legislation, knowledge as well as diffusion involving occasions, training systems, gifts, regulations, media, market questions, studies, bibliography, as well as other content variety that may be essential to publish.

The actual Newsletter puts out content on original analysis, evaluations, and brief announcements, printed in Spanish, Portuguese French and English language.

The initial BLACPMA was in fact released several years ago, following a conversation that José Martínez and Jorge Rodríguez , to provide a correspondence device to maintain the Latin-American regional community educated about the numerous functions associated with medicinal and aromatic plants occurring all over the world. This principal purpose still is accomplished by way of the so called supplements written between every newsletter.

The first release of the newsletter was held in  Argentina, throughout the Primary Latin American Congress of Phytochemistry, plus it had been supported by an Editing team of directors made up by Patrick Moyna, Lionel Robineau,  Arnaldo Bandoni, Francisco Morón, and María Medina.


BLACPMA began to include clinical additions during its 2nd year of life. Subsequently, the quantity of documents published to the newsletter has risen continuously in addition to their superior quality, and many of them are actually authorized by respected recognized writers. The actual Newsletter at present gets documents coming from all around the world on a consistent basis.


The complexness within the edition procedure was growing appropriately, plus it was essential to connect with individuals specially dedicated to its supervision. The 1st ‘supervisor  was Patricia Landazuri  folewsd by Rita Zeichen. Presently this essential job is conducted by two individuals, Gabino Garrido and Patricia Arenas.


The newsletter was initially  classified by LATINDEX and just recently through the more globally recognized INDEX COPERNICUS.


This step-up was achievable following the significant change that BLACPMA went through according to the intuition of José Prieto of the University of London, UK, whom turned out to be essential in boosting the expectations associated with the newsletter, and placing it within the international scientific environment.

Evidence of this is the truth that content published in BLACPMA has started to be cited by other content publicized by leading magazines in the industry like Economic botany and the Journal of Ethnopharmacology.


Lastly, it’s been a couple of years already that under the motivation of Lionel Robineau, we all began to develop the concept of organising our very own Symposia. Our endeavours have already been successful therefore we are celebrating in Varadero the initial Symposium BLACPMA.


This was accompanied by an additional Conference in La Plata  where BLACPMA changed for sure into a Comprehensive JOURNAL Arrangement, presenting more than five authentic documents in each issue and programming the magazine of unique issues on essential topics of the medicinal plants study together with production.


Collectively with your support all of us greatly anticipate to observe how BLACPMA continues on its progression until becoming an crucial guide in the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants subject.