BLACPMA, Latin American and Caribbean Publication associated with natural products such as herbal medicines, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, works as a  professional medical publication made available to Medicinal specialists together with experts within the matter involving therapeutic and aromatic plants.

It enables reports associated with the specific Bulletin’s areas of attention, which are anthropology, agronomy and ethnobotany, industrial applications, superior  ecology and biodiversity, economy and markets, phytochemistry, guidelines, knowledge as well as diffusion involving occasions, natural training systems, regulations, market questions, studies, bibliography, as well as other content variety that may be essential to publish.

Typically the Publication generates written content on authentic investigation, scientific journal, assessments, and temporary bulletins, published in Portuguese,  French, English and Spanish language.

ASP (Author’s Submission Package) is the new standard for submitting your work to BLACPMA. It is a template where to paste your article and save time in edition. If you use the products and submit it with our new online submission system your will speed up its publication.

All events on Naturals Products

Events collects all information about conferences, courses, seminars, meetings on Natural Products, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants and related sciences in Latin America and the world.  is open access, scientific journal for the development  of natural medcine products research in south America and also the world.

Compiled by  science citation index expanded scientific research , journal citation reports/  biosis previews and some biological abstracts


BLACPMA has begun working with a new electronic management system based on the  Open Journal System .

The new system is intuitive and easy, but if you’re unsure how to proceed, below find a visual aid.

BLACPMA has launched its new website. It is an automated system to submit, review and publish based on Open Journal System.

Should you encounter any problem or hesitate in how to use it please refer to the  tutorials


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